zobcode designs and develops iOS and Mac OS X apps and their cloud backends with a focus on art, music and sound.

We've been creating elegant software solutions for 32 years and have built exciting, interactive apps in audio, art, music, social, utility, financial and healthcare categories.

When reaching into the cloud we create reliable and flexible infrastructures using iCloud, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

We also contribute to open source projects such as the Roundware location-aware audio platform and are active users of The Amazing Audio Engine.

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Jordan Rudess Explores

An interactive iOS app based on the solo piano album All That Is Now by Jordan Rudess, keyboardist extraordinaire for the progressive-metal group Dream Theater

Lively Audio Manager

The Lively Audio Manager is a stereo audio recording app that allows artists to capture their live recordings and upload tracks to Lively for immediate distribution to their fans.


A time capsule of you for which we contributed both Mac and iOS code with their awesome NYC-based team.

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